Doppler & Oscillometric.

This is a machine that allows us to assess and monitor the electrical activity in the heart.

We have a fully equipped operating theatre that is available for use 24 hours a day should the need arise. We are equipped with pulse oximetry, blood pressure monitoring, infusion pumps, bair hugger patient warming system and many other vital pieces of equipment.

Jo and Ian are Official Veterinarians(OVS) enabling them to certify your pet for their travels.

As part of our ongoing investment in the practice we purchased a new ultrasound machine in June 2015.

An ‘identichip’ is a tiny microchip, about the size of a grain of rice and is designed to be injected under an animal’s skin.

Each microchip has a unique 15 digit identification number which can be scanned using a small handheld device.

Veterinary surgeons, dog wardens, rescue charities and other organisations dealing with lost and found pets are equipped with these scanners.

The microchip is implanted in the scruff of the neck (a straightforward injection, just with a slightly larger needle) and the keepers details and identification number are registered on a database.

When a lost pet is scanned and a chip is detected, the owner’s details can easily be traced and the pet reunited, as long as the contact details have been kept up to date.

As of 2016 there was a change in the law that means that all dogs must be implanted with a microchip by the time they are 8 weeks old and if they are not micro-chipped you can be fined unto £500.

Cats and dogs are routinely identichipped but nearly any species can have a chip implanted.

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