Prescriptions, Medications , Diets & Repeats

How do I order prescription medication for my pet?
  • Prescriptions & medications can be ordered using the form on this page
  • Or by calling our client care team.
How long does it take to dispense medication after I have ordered it?
  • We ask that you allow 48 hours for medication to be dispensed, please be aware of this if you are running low on medication your pet needs.
  • Some medications aren’t kept in stock and have to be ordered in specially.  Your vet will make you aware of this when prescribing the medications.  Please allow extra time for these to be delivered and dispensed.
Why does my pet need a medication check?
  • Prescription checks are needed to monitor the condition in question, check that your pet is responding to the treatment appropriately and without significant side effects.
  • The Veterinary Surgeon will do a full clinical examination, check your pet’s weight and make sure that the current dose is suitable.
  • To be deemed ‘under our care’, your pet needs to be seen regularly. The intervals at which these checks are required is determined by the Veterinary Surgeon in charge of the case and depend on what your pet needs in order to make sure we are providing them with the very best treatment. For your pet to be deemed under our care is a professional requirement as determined by the Veterinary Medicines Directorate and the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons.
  • For prescription flea and worm treatments, your pet needs to be seen by a Veterinary Surgeon within the last year in order for them to be dispensed.
Can I get a written prescription?
  • We are happy to offer written prescriptions, please be sure to specify as such if you order repeat medication or during consult with your vet.  Please be aware there is a charge for written prescriptions.  
  • Each written prescription can only be for one drug and usually only a month’s worth of medication at a time. Prescriptions will expire one month after issue.
How do I order food and supplements?
  • You can order food, prescription diets and supplements using the form on this page or call the client care team and we can either set aside the required food, if we have it in stock or order it in. 
  • We do not stock every type of food in every size; so please allow a few days to order and have requested food delivered to the practice.