Nurse clinics

Adolescent Clinics

Are run by our nurses for puppies and kittens. You can come in and discuss anything i.e. Diet/Neutering/Dental health care/Behaviour & socialisation/Flea + worming/Insurance.

Weight Clinics

Whether your pet is underweight, overweight or just right, our nurses help you to provide the best nutritional care for your pet, while monitoring for weight related illness such as diabetes or renal disease.

Dental Clinics

Oral health is vital and this clinic helps you to monitor your pets teeth to detect problems at an early stage. Discuss diet, brushing teeth and what signs of trouble to look out for, helping your pet to have a strong set of teeth and lessening the chances for the need of dental work.

Senior Clinics

A nose to tail health check to ensure your golden oldie is in tip top condition, with free urine testing and blood pressure measurement. You can discuss any changes in your pet’s health and routine while getting advice on the changing needs your pet has into the next stage of their life.

Download our Senior Pet Health Questionnaire to fill out and bring along with you to your appointment.