A tour of The Brook Veterinary Surgery


We have a spacious reception area that has a warm and friendly feel to it. Our receptionists and nurses endeavour to present all of our clients with a warm and friendly welcome. We stock a new range of Virbac diets which are a high quality pet food and a range of pet toys and accessories. We have a range of display boards that provide a wide variety of seasonal information and a range of leaflets and literature to give our clients detailed information on a range of subjects ranging from insurance to Rabbit husbandry.

Consulting Rooms

We have two well equipped consulting rooms for Veterinary consultations and nurse clinics. They are equipped with some of the latest diagnostic equipment to enable us to examine your pet whether they are in for a nail clip or are more seriously ill.


We have a fully stocked dispensary that allows us to provide medication and diets to our clients when they are required without the need to take a prescription.

We occasionally run low on stock and as such we have a daily (excluding bank holidays) delivery from our wholesaler.

Preparation room

This is the hub of the practice and as the name suggests this is where we prepare all of our patients for various surgical and medical procedures.


We have a modern surgical suite which is fully equipped with modern surgical instruments, equipment and a wide range of patient monitoring equipment. We use safe modern anaesthetic agents which are administered by our veterinary surgeons and monitored by our team of veterinary nurses. Every aspect of the anaesthetic is recorded on your pets anaesthetic chart; which is then scanned into your pets records to form part of their clinical history.

Dog & Cat Ward

To help us provide the least stressful environment for our patients we have separate wards for dogs and cats with a range of cages and walk in kennels.


We have our own in house laboratory that allows us to perform a wide range of bio-chemical and haematological tests at any time of the day or night. We have blood analysers for biochemistry, haematology and electrolytes. We can also carry out Thyroid blood tests and more specialised endocrine blood tests. We can also carry out tests on urine and skin and hair samples. The in house laboratory allows us to get blood results in as little as 15 minutes so that animals can be treated quickly and efficiently, and pre-anaesthetic blood tests can be carried out on the morning, prior to your pet’s sedation and procedures.


We have a state of the art radiology suite that comprises of a high frequency x-ray generator and a digital x-ray processor that can allow us to achieve exceptional quality diagnostic radiographs in under 30 seconds. This allows us to minimise the amount of radiographs taken and further to decrease the amount of time a patient is sedated or anaesthetised.