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Microchip identification

This is a subject that we are passionate about. It is a quick procedure that lasts the lifetime of your pet and has helped reunite many lost pet's with their owners.

Another benefit is that at this surgery we use the "Bio-therm" chip which allows us to take the temperature of an animal without using a thermometer.

Blood pressure monitoring

Doppler & Oscillometric.


In house diagnostic radiography service.


As part of our ongoing investment in the practice we purchased a new ultrasound machine in June 2015.

Electrocardiography (ECG)

This is a machine that allows us to assess and monitor the electrical activity in the heart.

Free flea check

Due to the laws governing prescriptions we are not allowed to sell "drugs" to a client whose animal has not been seen within the year. Therefore if you think that your pet has fleas and you would like to purchase some flea treatment we can offer you a free flea check.

We will book you a consultation with the Vet who will examine your pet to ensure that they are healthy and we can then supply you with the flea treatments. If any other conditions are diagnosed during this free flea check the Vet will discuss this with you and the best way to proceed.

Pet Passports

Jo is Local Veterinary Inspectors (LVI) enabling herto certify your pet for their travels.

In-house laboratory

We can perform most blood tests within the practice in a matter of minutes. This enables us to tailor a patient's treatment to their condition without having to wait 24 hours for the results.

Operating theatre

We have a fully equipped operating theatre that is available for use 24 hours a day should the need arise. We are equipped with pulse oximetry, blood pressure monitoring, infusion pumps, bair hugger patient warming system and many other vital pieces of equipment.

Register your pet

Use our on-line form to register your pet with us.

Registration form

Repeat Prescriptions

Use our on-line form to submit a prescription request. Where possible please give us 24 hours notice before the prescription is required.

Repeat prescription form

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